Home Invasion or Home Hostage Movie from late 90s

I have a vague memory of either a home invasion, or home hostage movie from the late 90s. The house was suburban, in a neighborhood, and it looked like Nevada or Arizona. I can’t recall why the family was held hostage, but the captors were in their 20s and the family’s oldest daughter willingly hooked up with one. Can anyone help me recall? Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Home Invasion or Home Hostage Movie from late 90s

  1. That looks like a cool movie but that’s not it. Similar, though. Much of this one took place in the house. Same type of setting, same tone. Thank you.

  2. sounds like “Home Invasion” from 1997 starring Veronica Hamel as the mother.

    There’s not a lot about it online and it’s been a long time since I saw it, but I found this description:
    “When Georgia comes home from an afternoon of shopping, she finds herself face to face with three armed thugs in her driveway. The thugs plan to ambush her quickly and then immediately retreat with her car, but a security guard just passing by surprises them. He blocks their way out and opens fire. The robbers return fire and the officer is killed in the gunfight. One of the rascals is seriously injured. Seeing no immediate escape route, the young thugs decide to hold Georgia hostage until they come up with a new plan. Georgia’s house is also home to her deaf son Aaron, her daughter Willow and her three best friends. Once the police arrive at the house, tensions run high. The hostages must use all their ingenuity to outwit their captors.”

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