Holocaust Movie

Posted this before, no luck, so I’ll try again. PS: It’s not Sunshine (1999)

I’m looking for a movie about a jewish family and their struggles during WWII. I know for sure it has three parts and it seemed european (I can’t bet on that). Here’s what I remember (watched it about 3 to 4 years ago, so I might be wrong in some cases): the family lived in a big house and I know there was a scene where the wife and the husband were on some stairs in the backyard and she told him that she cheated. The scene, I think, was after one of his multiple arrests. I believe they had two daughters, one of which got married. After a while they left the country (Poland maybe) and got to France (pretty sure the mom and one of the daughters were transported in some kind of wagon) where they lived in a house by the beach.

I saw 1+1/2 of this movie and it was quite some time ago so I’m sorry if I couldn’t help with more details. Also, sorry for the bad grammar.

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