There was this movie, probably in the late 80’s or 90’s about two guys who become friends because they play hockey together. One of the guys has a sister about the same age. The protagonist has an uncle, almost at the end the uncle is dying and he tells him something about “being catholic is the best thing ever because yo go directly to heaven”. Anyways, they collected this great hockey cards about hockey players and they spend most of the time trying to find one in specific, from one hockey player. His sister’s friend find the card but keeps it as a secret, later she tells the protagonist about it, and she tells him that she will give him the card if he is willing to accomplish three wishes she has. She’s kind of in love with him, and at one time in the movie, they kiss. She has a white cat. Something happens between the two friends until they are not friends anymore. The movie ends with the protagonist leaving in a bus and talking about life.

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