Hitwoman and a microchip 90s movie

From what I remember, this was one of those “B” style movies from the 1990s.  In this movie, it was a woman who was I believe a hit woman hired to kill this guy.  The guy had black hair and he was like a computer geek I believe.  he had a microchip or cds or something and anyway somehow convinces the girl to help him by I think paying her.  She falls for him and at somepoint, she takes him to his mother’s house so they can hide out for a bit and she pretends to be his fiancé.  I believe they were driving around in a convertible.  The girl was a short long brunette I believe, kinda looks similar to a cross between mouse in the kickboxer movies and Claudia Coghlan from Arena.

2 thoughts on “Hitwoman and a microchip 90s movie

    1. This was a much more tame movie. I really don’t remembrer them doing much besides driving around in the car. At the end I think they hid out in the desert under a bridge with the car waiting for the bad guys basically.

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