High school Monster/Demon Movie

About 17-20 years ago (I am 27 now) I saw a movie on tv (made in the late 80s early 90s). I don’t remember much but what I do remember is that there was a bunch of demon like monster thing that attack a group of people which I believe we’re teens, and they terrorized the town. The ending is the only piece I remember and they ended up in the high school gymnasium and it was somehow set on fire during some type of fight or battle (whatever you want to call it) I’ve tried to research many website looking for this movie title and have come up with zero results. Can someone please help me? I watched it on tv during the mid 90s if I  not mistaken and this is literally all I can remember. Thank you!

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    1. No unfortunately I don’t think that is it, no scenes from what I looked up are familiar. Does anyone possibly know what movie this could be ?

    1. No it’s not the faculty. The main thing I remember is the gymnasium being set on fire at the end in the film I’m thinking of

  1. I checked out both the movies (neon maniacs & black roses) neither of which is the movie I was looking for but I really appreciate the efforts so far!
    Someone please help, I feel ridiculous that I can’t remember this movie title.

  2. All I remember is that they were in a prison cell, the setting looked 1800s, and someone threw a sword down a funnel-shaped hole in the floor.

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