Help with the name of a movie please

I don’t remember much.  But there was a girl.  I think she lived with her mother or some female family member.  Perhaps only in the Summer time.  It was a large mansion.  I think it overlooked the sea.  She was practically held prisoner there.  Not really allowed to leave.  Later in the movie, …that family member passed away, …and I think she inherited the mansion, …and she returned to it.  But, by that time, it was very old and run down.  Overgrown and the roof was caving in.  There was a man throughout the movie.  I think it was a love interest.  They may have even known each other over the years.  But perhaps they could never be together.  I’m not sure.  And, for some reason, it seems like the girl (woman) is losing her mind, or going crazy, or dying, …or something.  She might even be a ghost.  I can’t remember.  But the man went looking for her, …and found her there at that old run down decaying mansion.

I believe this movie was from somewhere between the 80’s -90’s.  Give or take.

Please help.  This is driving me nuts.

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