Help With Forgotten Movie from Youth

Hello All,

I saw the movie whose name is escaping me when I was 8 or 9 at a friends house.  The movie was set in the early 1900s, was color, and was semi-recent. (70s-90s?). From what little I remember of the basic plot, the protagonist is a woman who moves out to the country (in the first scene she is on a train) and eventually meets and marries a man with whom she has a child near the end of the film.  The one distinct scene I remember is the woman, heavily pregnant at the time,  making/storing coffee and suddenly and dramatically, her water breaks, gushing to the floor.

Her husband is overjoyed at the news and sweeps her into his arms, carrying her to his truck in order to go to the hospital.  There was also something about keys in there somewhere?  I know this is a pretty vague description, but I’m just hoping one of you lovely people will be able to help me rediscover a movie I so enjoyed in my youth.

thank you


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