Help! What’s this movie called?

I can vividly remember a kids movie i watched years ago, but cannot for the life of me remember the title or actors in it.

The movie is about a grandma telling 4 kids a story about a young nurse that lived in the forest behind her house and one night she was going home late (to her daughter or little sister?) and there was a storm and she died from a tree falling or something. I remember something about a bracelet too..

The 4 kids go searching in the forest and find an old tree house and in time fix it up. One of the girls i think finds the bracelet. The same girl listens to the wind and thinks that’s the ghost talking to her or something..

I remember all of the kids having bikes or go carts.

It’s set in a small town during summer holiday.

HELP! If you know anything about this movie, it would be very helpful!

Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Help! What’s this movie called?

  1. ‘…Grandma Lenny regales the youngsters with a ghostly tale about her deceased mother, Carolyn (Sonya Coogan), a nurse. Years ago, Carolyn received an expensive trinket from a grateful wealthy patient. But before Carolyn could give this bracelet to her daughter, she ran into a fierce storm and lost the jewelry in the woods. Grandma Lenny hints that Carolyn still haunts the countryside in search of the bauble….’


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