Help to find a movie please

It Was an american film i watched TV in late 90ties or early 2000s. She is about 18 years or so old, now officially independant, decides to leave home and find her own paths, against her mother’s advice to join her in running the restaurant business. Her mother is a good chef, the girl been taught how to cook.
She goes to another city, works as a babysitter for family with 3 kids. The man of this family has his boss coming over for dinner, but his wife cannot cook. This babysitter girl offers to cook. The boss is a gormeut foodie, loves the dinner and asks his employee to give him the cook away. So this girl starts working in the rich boss’es house as a chef. He never met her. They meet on the street whilst walking his dog every day, become friends and fall in love, but he still doesn’t know that she is his chef at home.
Eventually, they both realise that he is her boss. then She decides to return to her mother’s home and joins in the restaurant. The rich boss comes to find her. His butler turns out to be her long lost father. …

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