Help plss

I remember 2 scenes. The first is how a girl is riding a guy then she gets a pistol from her purse and kills him. The second scene is in the end. A girl and a guy meet up in a park,they talk and the girl is killed. The guy also commits suicide.

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  1. Not sure but do have a hunt of my own. I cannot find any other way to post besides here, so I apologize.

    Many years ago a movie came on TV, maybe a movie from the 70’s? Opening scene was brown, desert like with odd houses, etc. Kids were in the movie and some how get involved with a man (from memory he had black framed thick glasses) and his wife and they aren’t up to any good, the kids or someone up killing them or one of them as I remember it’s odd, I remember this movie, seeing it but haven’t been able to track down the title or anything about it.

    It was a weird movie probably why I still remember it. Any clues?


    1. Not sure but when you click the menu theres a link to the page where you can post your question. The question box is right under the set of rules

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