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Hi there

I posted this query some years back but I’m hoping someone can help me this time to stop me reading every film description in the TV guide every week!!

I have tried googling and imdb searches to no avail and it’s starting to drive me mad now!! Pleeaassee help.

Firstly can I point out that the film is NOT “Unforgettable”(1996) starring Ray Liotta although the premise is similar.

I watched this film in June 1991 and rented it from Blockbuster in London UK, so it is obviously prior to that date. Not really dated so I would guess it was contemporary set probably late eighties /early nineties- definitely not 1970s!!!! At a guess 1984-1990

Set in USA. The film started with a (white?) car pulling on to a driveway the door opens and a man falls out obviously really drunk. The house is lit up (you may possibly see his wife indoors??) The man collapses on driveway/in bushes and sleeps. You see/hear a murder being committed and the man half opens his eyes to see legs/feet passing him going away from the house but he is to incapacitated to do anything.

When he awakes he goes into the house to find his wife has been murdered (possibly in a room above the attached garage tied up in a chair-although this may be where also the man recreated the crime).

Somehow or other he learns that the last thing a person sees may be stored in their brain/eye and if you use some fluid obtained from these parts and inject it you can recreate the image/last moments before death therefore unmasking the killer.

I know it seems very similar to Unforgettable but it’s not that, please also let me know of any films that start with a drunk pulling his/getting lift in a car onto a driveway and falling out and remaining there incapacitated while a murder occurs in case I have confused the 2 however I am 100% sure this was the film.

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