Help me to movie

I apologize in advance for my English, this is not my native language, I use an auto-translator.
I am looking for the name of the film that I watched in the 80s. First, a shootout between police officers and criminals was shown, one policeman is wounded, he will be the main character.
..then, after some time, the same police officer collaborates with a civilian woman. An attraction is formed between them, but he avoids it in every possible way.
..I remember the moment when the policeman was crying alone, and the camera finally showed us that the policeman had to live with a urine bag under his clothes.
Please help me in the search! To the finder of the film – my big thanks + 10% goodness in karma

4 thoughts on “Help me to movie

    1. Of course, Tom Berenger! I suspected that he was in the lead role, but search engine persistently referred me to the movie “Someone to watch over me”.
      Sincere gratitude+promised 10% good to your karma+my hugs from “sunny” Siberia!

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