Help me remember this old movie. please !!

Hello guys.(sorry for my english)

Please help me remeber this movie. I saw it about 6-7 years ago. I believe the movie is from the 60-70. It’s about a man in London watching tv and seeing different periods in time. he could go through the tv and help them. he was lying his neighbors that he is indian i believe. it’s a color movie. I also remember at one moment that he was watching a plane crash. (little plane for 10 passangers aprox.) in the desert. i think he was a genie but i couldn;t find it using this keyword. he wasn’t very tall , he was bold. Hope you guys can help me.. I’m going nuts

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  1. “Out of the Unknown”(1965-1971 TV series)?
    Some episodes were in color. Here are some scenes from youtube,

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