Help me identify this movie PLEASE!!

I’m looking for a movie I saw on tv in late 1970’s or early 80’s about a few guys that were sentenced to prison. The story is centered about them . One charater was a very handsome dark haired young man named Leon, Leo or Lido who was raped & became a ” sex toy” for the other imates..he was terrified at the beginning of the movie about getting raped ..I remember the other inmates saw him later on & he was strutting and wearing a earring and eyeliner..they were shocked & he tried to hide from them..I cannot remember the name of this movie to save my life, but it was on one of those movie of the week or Tuesday night at the movies..can anyone recall a similar movie?

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  1. Hello! I was wondering if anyone can help me with this movie? Back in 2nd grade I remember watching it once, and forever since still remember pieces of it xD

    The first part is of this couple returning home in the middle of the night while it was storming, I think it was lightning but somehow a portal opened up and sucked the two right in it.
    They both got separated at this different realm. The husband was trying to look for his wife while attempting to get used to the surroundings. I know there was this chick that was helping him along, black hair, soft brown skin wearing typical brown robes. (it was a desert area)

    BUT the problem here in the movie is that there are these undead guys (I think) that is terrorizing them or something. Later in the movie most of the women were being kidnapped and sent towards them to be turn into one of them to be wifes I guess? The Wife of the main character was accepted by the leader who claimed her to be, “The most beautiful woman he ever seen” and then turned her into one of his kind before ambushing the town the husband was in. The husband had later been able to turn his wife back to normal, (they prepared for the ambushed and he was trying to protect himself while his wife was trying to kill him) Before his fight with the dude that turned her.

    The fight scene between the husband and the Undead guy is on a roof, the undead guy had two swords, black armor and black hair.
    The wife is blond, hair shoulder length.
    The husband has a not too hot not too plain look? Been awhile.

    It’s not any of the Evil Dead or Amy of Darkness, I checked the trailers and it wasn’t that. XDD

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