Help me find this please?

all I remember clearly is one scene, sorry

it was a period piece, French or English location, but the characters spoke English

the Hero was pretending to be some silly foppish rich dude, in a previous scene that I missed he had been shot or stabbed and was hiding the injury? The guy who shot or stabbed him ran into him at some rich party and somehow discovered the injury and realised who he was with?

i was so sure it was the scarlet pimpernel (the Richard e. Grant version) but having just watched it, I can’t find this scene so I must have been wrong *d’oh*)

if anyone recognises this scene, can you help me find what its from please???

9 thoughts on “Help me find this please?

  1. Maybe it is the 1982 version. It is on YouTube. I saw it a long time ago but don’t remember it that well.

      1. I don’t think it was this but I will check it out anyway just in case, but I don’t remember it being Russian.

    1. I own this one on dvd so nope, not this one either 🙁
      I’m starting to think I must have imagined it *headdesk*

    1. Oh wow, thank you so much for telling me about this, it’s not what I was looking for but I thoroughly enjoyed watching it *LOL* 😀

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