Help me find this movie title please? :)

So I’m trykng to find the title of a movie, that I can only remember bits and parts of.

I remember a sex-scene between a woman and a man on a pool-table. I don’t know who the actor was, but I think she had short, drak hair and was wearing a dress in the movie. Not sure about this.

Later on the woman gets run over by a truckdriver, who’s looking at a figurine on his dashboard. I remember the movie having flashbacks. Like first it played out by something happening, and the woman didn’t get run over. But later on another person did someting that made something else happen (like a domino-effect), which in turn got the woman run over.


I saw the movie on tv, it was in color and somewhere between 1998 and 2009.

Sorry for no being more specific, but that all I can remember for now..

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