Help me find this movie

[First of all I am sorry for my ‘bad’ English because it’s not my primary language but I do love English movies, I am a movieholic. Please help me find this movie, thanks.]

About 10 years ago or so I watched this movie, with my uncle, on TV( HBO maybe, idk)

And I just remember only one scene from that movie because I didn’t watch it completely (It was an opening scene I guess, again I am not sure about it) A person was writing something on a piece of paper (with red ink) but it looked like as if his hands were bleeding (or maybe that was the ink)

and then me and my uncle had a great debate whether it was the ink from the pen or it was actual blood on his hands (we didn’t watch the full movie to find out what happened next LOL) but I am so curious after all those years to watch this movie again.

Please help me find out this movie. I know the details are not enough but still there’s always some HOPE 🙂

thanks in anticipation

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