Help me find this 80s animated movie

I’ve been looking for this movie for most of my life, and have gone through several websites, unsuccesfully.

I watched it when I was very young. 6-8 or so. So we’re talking late eighties.

It’s an animated film. I recall one basic scene from it. At the begining of the movie, a young, blond woman, for years afterwards refered to by myself and my sister as “lady with the blond hair” is locked or trapped inside a dungeon/treassure room. I recall it as a punishment of some sort. Sometimes toward the end of the movie she is seen again, in the same tressure room, her head tilted to the side, either old or corpse-like.

Other then that – almost nothing. I think it involved a quest and and there was a black/african man involved somehow in the bigger story.

This is really all I have. Bless you if you could find it. I’ve tried for so, so long.

I’m unsure about the langauge, my guess is either English or French.

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