Help me find out what movie this was, it’s been bothering me for 10 Years

Hi, Reddit, I’ll try to describe a certain scene from that movie as well as I can.

I think I was about 10-11, so I must have watched it in 2008-2010, could be a couple years earlier or later, I’m not entirely sure. I just saw a small portion of the movie, and it was animated. From what I believe was close to the middle/end, this boy and girl had a conversation in what I remember as a forrest. I think the problem was that the boy was a human or elf, and the girl was a fairy/witch/supernatural being or something of the sort, though it could have been the other way around as well. And well one them was trying to explain to the other that they couldn’t be together because they were “different” and if I remember correctly, it wouldn’t be allowed. I have a little gut-feeling that it was also related to the boy, somehow “betraying” the girl and regretting after? Again not that sure of the exact fact, but I just have a gut-feeling.

Now I know this is really vague, but if you can think of any animation (short or long movie) in which such a scene may have existed? A series may also be possible. If you’ve seen something of the liveaction sort, those suggestions are welcome as well, since the animation I’m thinking about might as well have been an adaptation of some sort. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t an anime, but I’m not 100% sure.

I hope Reddit once and for all can tell me the name of this movie, and end my 10 years of anger at myself for not being able to watch it. I really loved that scene for some reason, but I don’t know why, want to relive that moment.


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