HELP – Hard one here!

Was it a goosebumps episode maybe (although it looked like a movie as it was on the TV many times)? It was on the TV in the 90’s and beginned with siblings (1brother and 1sister about 10) in their room trying to sleep when their TV would turn on by itself many times with a man asking them to take part of a TV game. (or some like that). He was addressing it directly to them, he was talking to them through the TV. When they would be there, he would talk to them about many things I don’t remember and then the little boy would be seated on a chair that would go up and up with him screaming as we would see a bunch of scary white faces (or masks) in a circle (maybe 8 of them). Then I turned off my TV as it scared me. Does it ring any bell?? It’s been years I’ve ben trying to find out what it is!

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