Help finding a film watched a while ago

  1. So I watched this film on tv. Can’t remember when but I believe around 8-10 years ago. I remember a family consisting of a father, mother and two sons were eating dinner and the elder son come out as gay. Then I remember the father taking both sons for a car ride. He stopped I believe on the side of the rode and said to the elder son if he’s gay prove it. And made the son give him a blowjob while the younger son (who I believe is the main character of the film) was in the backseat. I don’t recall them showing it but the elder son killed himself. Then I remember it being when the younger son was an aldult and I remember him showing up at his parents house when they were having a party and confronting his dad about what happened when he was younger. I believe the younger son was gay as well or was just sleeping with men for money. I also believe there was one guy who payed him to have a date with him.

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