I probably saw this movie back in 2008-2009. I’ve seen it numerous times after that but I cannot remember the name for the death of me.

it starts off like …

a little girl, wearing a dress I believe. With brown hair, she’s at the carnival with your dad and she’s waiting for him for some reason and she’s all alone. Then, this man comes into the picture and is staring at her and I feel like he tried to kidnap her I can’t remember. Flash forward and she’s a adult and she moves, she’s in a hotel or apartment and a guy forces his way into her apartment and tries to rape her I believe. At the end she’s at this house and in a barn type place and the guy from her childhood the one at the carnival is trying to kill her. It’s like the house and barn is surrounded by crops and she has a boyfriend as well.

I feel like the actress was Jennifer Love-Heweitt but it’s not ((checked)). It’s someone who resembles her. Please find this movie!!!

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