hearts & silence

A thriller/horror movie.

Human-like monsters attack people at night and cut off their hearts. An important thing to recognize the movie: the people in this town cannot speak or cry! So they communicate by writing on paper or using a projector on walls; the investigators conclude that those monsters need 7 human hearts at all. If I’m not mistaken, there were 2 girls (maybe sisters) who used psychokinesis/telekinesis to move furniture to stop the monsters opening doors into their room. This movie is certainly before 2006.

7 thoughts on “hearts & silence

  1. not the “Hush” episode of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series? includes the silence, the projectors, the heart ripping…

      1. Yes, thank you all. I watched this episode when I was a child and didn’t memorize its name. Later, this plot appeared several times in my mind and I used to be so curious what it was. Now gonna watch it!

        1. Great episode. I still can’t watch it at night LOL. I honestly recall seeing previews for it on TV, so the night it aired, my younger sister and I were on the couch, with a big blanket over us, just in case we needed to cover our eyes.

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