I know the movie was a comedy and it’s not a too old one, like Im pretty sure this would have come out well after 2000. I can’t remember who was in it, but I do remember that the main character was a “Top Gun” fan. Like he had posters and stuff all over his room. It’s in English, in color as well. The scene that I do remember, as accurately as I can at least, was that the main character of the movie brought home the girl he liked and they started kissing and moved to the bed and started kissing there and were basically about to make love when one of top gun’s themes, Take my Breath Away by Berlin, starts playing. The girl he brought back with him actually stops and says: “How is top gun playing right now??” The main character kinda knocks on his wall and says: “What have I told you before??” and the guy who was living in the room next door, who may have been his friend maybe not, Im not certain, he says in a sort of defeated tone of voice: “That just because I can hear what’s going on through these thin walls that I don’t need to participate.” He said something along those lines. But yeah, that’s about as much as I remember and I hope it helps enough to give a good answer, thanks in advance for the help.

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