Hallway Trap

British, seen on TV mid 1970s, probably a weekly drama… two guys break into a stately manor at night for a laugh. They are walking along the upstairs corridor when suddenly the lights go on and an alarm rings. The guys run to the end of the corridor but a steel bar gate closes and blocks their way. They turn and run to the other end of the corridor but before they get very far another gate closes, trapping them inside the length of the corridor. The owner of the house appears in his nightgown and a philosophical discussion ensures about the haves and the have-nots. Eventually the guys tell the man he might as well go ahead and call the police. They aren’t two worried, the police will probably just give them a talking to and let them go. The man smiles and says actually he is heading away on holiday in the morning for a month or so and when he gets back he will probably discover the bodies of a couple of lads who broke into his house and succumbed to starvation… It dawns on the guys that things are not going to end well for them…




4 thoughts on “Hallway Trap

    1. I was unable to find this episode on YouTube but there was a short five second clip of the two lads and yep, this looks like the one so thank you very much!

      I am unable to log in because the site is bleeting about cookies even though they are already disabled in Firefox grrrr

      Cheers. Jango.

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