Halloween kids movie?

Alright, so I remember this animated halloween movie that used to come on every year when I was little (around the early to late 2000’s) about this group of kids, and the main character was a boy who I think gets dared to go into this haunted house while they were out trick or treating. I can’t remember if it was actually haunted or not, I just know there was this bully who kept pressuring them to go inside. I think at one point they do end up going, and get stuck inside. Or something like that.

Can’t remember the ending or anything really past that. It’s not 2D animated, and it’s not the movie “Monster House”. Though the art style is kind of similar? It was CGI. It either aired on cartoonnetwork, nickelodeon or disney channel.

It really bothers me that I can’t find this movie! I used to watch it every year on halloween. If anyone could help, that’d be great!

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