Hairy Bath Weird

  • Hello, that short/medium length movie was broadcasted on french TV, possibly Canal +, possibly during a “special night” with other delights. I think it was shot in black and white, and possibly none of the 2 characters said anything.
  • One woman, a bathtub filled with black water, and while the water goes out, one discover a very hairy and naked man lying there, alive but still. The woman take care of him and shave him kindly, the man is pretty quiet during the process, and at some point, when finished, she notice a little hair, possibly on the back, on which she pull to remove it (insane close shot) but instead of breaking, it appears she got meters and meters of the hair that goes out of the body while the man is screaming… then I can’t remember a thing, and did much researches so far to ID this, it more like an obsession to know what this was more that to watch it again. It has a sort of Tetsuo feel, but isn’t asian, that sort of late 80’s crazy weirdness.May be someone remember what this is…Best,


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    1. Dear Sandnc, you just made me very happy, thank you very very much for your help, you surely know the feeling and excitement!

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