Guy trying to escape a prison/penal colony?

A guy is in an outdoors penal colony or prison of sorts, with a chain attached to him, (potentially forced to work?) and he almost gets pulled in to a giant spinning fan or something in the ground (not sure if that was accidental or punishment for bad behaviour).
It’s in colour, not sure if for tv or cinema, and probably released no earlier than late 1990s. I think it’s a sci-fi and not horror.

Sorry for being so vague but that’s all I remember at the moment, so any help would be much appreciated.

15 thoughts on “Guy trying to escape a prison/penal colony?

    1. Unfortunately that’s not the film I’m remembering, but thank you for the link and for trying (:

    1. Unfortunately that doesn’t ring any bells, sorry, but thanks again.
      I didn’t realise so many films could fit the description I gave and I wish I could remember more details.

  1. Someone else remembered the film for me: it’s Arrowhead 2016 (also known as Alien Arrival).
    Thank you to everyone for your suggestions, and I hope you all have a wonderful weekened 😀

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