Guy can’t pleasure his wife until he buys a jar of orgasm cream online

I remember a couple years watching a film on Australia’s SBS free to air channel and came across a quite bizarre film. I know it was an Asian film (I believe Korean but can’t be sure), I think it was supposed to be a comedy and apart from the crazy story line one thing that stood out was a visual effect where flowers lined the border of the screen (or something similar)

In terms of the story line the film revolves around a ‘failed’ husband who can never pleasure his wife, is in an unhappy relationship and is constantly pestered/bullied by his boss or co-worker. I think he suspects cheating (or it is implied) but things become better once he finds a jar of orgasm cream. After finding it he is able to pleasure his wife but one side effect is that when he brushes up against people or accidentally touches someone hand he gives them an orgasm. I remember two parts, one with his female co-worker and another with boss/co-worker who are all over him at one point. The relationship between the wife and him become much more positive. I also remember for some reason he looks online again for another jar but cannot find it. The co-worker continues asking him where he can get some of this cream and he finds out the cream reduces life expectancy. He throws out the cream and in the end his wife and boss/co-worker who had been cheating before he found the cream end up dying.

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