gritty sci-fi, space

I think it was set on a space craft that was pretty run down.
There was a scene where a guy gets a limb amputated with a hacksaw. One guy is pretending to be blind throughout the film and the big twist at the end is that he isn’t blind after all. I think he slits his wrists with a piece of metal. The protaganist is a woman who I think is looking after a girl. The main villain gets a hose put in his mouth with some black oil or something  going everywhere and then booted out into space.
I saw this definitely before 2000 so it’d have to be before then.

3 thoughts on “gritty sci-fi, space

  1. Your description reminds me of the movie “Lifepod” but it’s not an exact match. There is a man pretending to be blind, a baby who some women are trying to protect, and a man who has had his arm amputated at the forearm. Maybe that can help you track down the movie you are really after.

  2. Glad we can mark this solved and welcome to HBLibrarian, who I recognize from 366 Weird Movies. You get your first official solve credit HB!

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