graphic sexual assault

Movie was made in 1980’s and begins with a pretty blond teenage girl coming home from school to find her father home having been released from prison unexpectedly.  Her and her younger sister had been living with their stepmother while he was away and she appeared to have been a nurturing mother figure who took good care of this girls.  But within hours of father being home, he approaches oldest daughter and makes sexual advances and the viewer is made aware they had a secret sexual relationship before he went to prison. That is not the reason he was incarcerated and I don’t recall why either.  There is a graphic scene where the father throws the girl to the floor in the living room and digitally penetrates her as a form of punishment for something or other and he coerces her to let him into her bed to prevent him from moving his affections to younger sister.  The girl along with a male friend from school plan to kill her father but the younger sister is accidentally shot.  I recall viewing this on First Choice or Superchannel, a moviechannel in Canada at that time. It was so gritty that it really struck me and I’ve wanted to see it again but can only find references to movies like Something About Amelia with Ted Danson.  In the movie I’m searching for the father is not so regretful as Ted Danson in that movie.  Has anyone seen such a film?

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