goofy character in movie has dramatic reaction to someone’s story

this is going to be kind of a reach, because i don’t have a lot of the details right about the scene i’m remembering – but there is a character who is a young man, white with sandy blond hair and blue eyes, and he’s either like a dumb goofball best friend of a main character or some sort of dumb jock. so there’s a scene i’m thinking of where he has a big goofy smile on his face, and then someone he’s talking to says something upsetting or tells an upsetting story and the smile just drops from his face, and he looks horrified and his mouth is open and there are tears in his eyes but he doesn’t say anything. what feels notable about this scene is this is a goofy character who you wouldn’t expect to be having an emotional reaction to something like this. i had an idea that maybe the person he’s talking to is older, like they’re someone’s grandfather or something who he got stuck alone with, but not sure. if it helps, the actor i’m picturing looks exactly like taylor from survivor season 33 millennials vs. gen x. i’m also not sure if this is a tv show or a movie!

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