girls receive dolls that resemble them

Okay this could be a movie or a tv show. It’s somewhat recent so full color; probably American but I suppose it could be Canadian, British, etc.; it’s English language. I’m pretty sure I saw it within the last year.

There’s a lot of things going on plotwise but what I’m remembering is that a lot of girls in a particular neighborhood have sort of large dolls left for them on their porches one morning. The dolls resemble the girls and it’s very creepy/freaky to all the girls and their families — amplified by whatever else is going in the movie.

It turns out that the dolls had been left by an aging neighbor with a doll collection. She noticed some resemblances and wanted the appropriate girls to have the dolls. The old woman is either dying or moving or just ready to declutter. Most of the girls are a little too old for this kind of doll but she doesn’t realize it. She meant for it to be an anonymous surprise.

Again, this is just a plot tangent I’m remembering that I can’t connect to the larger story. Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “girls receive dolls that resemble them

    1. omg that’s amazing! I live in the ktla5 area, and now I do remember reading that page. sheesh! Did I dream a whole movie around that story? LOL
      truth can be stranger than fiction. Thank you Cotopaxi!!

  1. I think this is a first. I’m going to credit Cotopaxi with a Solve even though he couldn’t name the movie. Excellent research job to prove the movie didn’t exist.

    1. hopefully someday it WILL be a movie or at least an episode of Law & Order. LOL it’s a well deserved solve imho.

  2. You are most welcome, jennagain! I had been following the case since it had been first reported until being solved, well, because I am strange that way. Thanks for the credit, irtmadmin!

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