Girl’s death

I think I saw this scene on tv during the late 1990s to early 2000s. Though I’m not sure if it was a movie or a tv show but it was a white, teenage girl who was leaving a house but was followed outside by a teenage boy who hits her on the back of her head with a blunt object (either a baseball bat or golf club or something like that). The guy then killed her off-screen by repeatedly hitting her but as he kills her, it showed a close-up of her hand on the grass she was killed on as she stops moving

6 thoughts on “Girl’s death

  1. There’s a scene very similar in Horns, but that film was released in 2014. I’ll see if I can find the scene and post it anyway, just in case. I know I’ve seen this same thing though, with the close up of the hand in other films too, I can’t can’t think of them at the moment.

    1. Nevermind…I found the scene and it’s not how I remembered. I thought you just saw the girl’s hand while she was being attacked, but I was wrong. Sorry about that!

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