Girl that travels through time with little device (token)

I think it’s a recent movie (or TV series). I saw it on the TV the other day. It was in English.


The only scene I remember is, I think, from the beginning. There’s this girl on a Police Department and she is picking up her stuff (like if she were locked up and when she came out she went to pick the stuff she had with her). Then she is taking everything but then she sees an item that doesn’t belong to her. That token/device is very small. She tells that to the police officer that delivers her stuff but he is no longer to be seen. Then she touches it and BAM! For an instance, she was in a wheat field and she screams and throws it away.


Very intrigued, she touches it again and reappears on the wheat field. While she is looking to the surroundings, there’s like a futuristic tower very far away from her.


And that’s all I remember from it

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