girl of the stars

When I was around 10 years old (30 years ago so my memory can be off a bit)
I have seen a sci-fi movie with the following story:
an alien girl arrived at earth with a spaceship and after landing she is being hunted for by the government because they want to have here technology and knowledge.
During here stay here and here running for those government agents she encountered a boy that helps here
He helps here to escape, after capture, from a government facility by finding
here location through telepathy.
At the end she must go back to here world and leaves earth

With the following scenes:
– there is a scene where the girl and boy are inside a room with pool tables.
there she demonstrates telekinetic powers by moving all pool balls in circles around
– the movie has a sad ending where the girl leaves for here world again after
transfering here knowledge to the boy that she has met with telepathy. The movie ended while showing the boy who moves a car by his mind (very slowly forward/backward) while testing his new abilities. Unfortunately the government people have seen that and so he will
be hunted for the knowledge that he has aquired.

I remember this movie to be called something like “girl from the stars” or so and it has aired in europe around the 80s. it might originally be from the 80s or sooner. Can anyone help me on a title??

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    1. Im looking for the same movie. I remember a scene towrds the end all thw children who helped the girl hold hands in front of a fence. Then they elevate and get inside the compound where her ship is.

      Starcrossed is not it.

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