girl (mind)controlling boy saving her from captivity

I’ve tried to figure this one out for quite some time. Google nor Bing could help me.

I remember it being an Asian movie (although this does not have to be the case). It might have been animated, although I do not know for sure. I remember it ending as follows.

There is this guy who tries to save this girl/ his girlfriend who is being held captive in some sort of laboratory/large office. I believe this is due to her special (telekenetic) powers. This guy wears a helmet (motor helmet of some sort, he might have driven a motorbike before ariving at the building) and his actions are/ fighting is being controled by this girl through her telekenetic powers (or maybe she just gives him advice through his helmet, although this is unlikely as she is imprisoned). He has amazing fighting skills and kills many guards to get to this girl. I believe this girl sacrifices her life in the end out of love to save this guy.

Hopefully someone recognizes this very short and vague description because it is driving me (from time to time) crazy. Thanks in advance!

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