Girl in Paris

Okay, real shot in the dark question here.  Hopefully I’m not mis-remembering info…
Saw this movie on TV back in the mid-80s.  Young women in France (I’m pretty sure she’s Canadian)
Details I remember:
She had an embarrassing moment where she meant to say she wanted to introduce her friend to her host family, but she used the verb meaning intercourse
Later on in the movie, a young man wanted to sleep with her, so she said if he memorized Romeo and Juliet and could quote it back to her, she would sleep with him
At the end, he memorizes (at least some) Romeo and Juliet, and she sleeps with him, at a friend’s apartment.  The next morning, they show the friend bringing the young man coffee in bed, while the young woman is walking down the street eating croissants or pastry or something, looking like she’s on top of the world.

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