Girl Imprisoned as Witch

Hello! I am trying to find a movie for one of my patrons at a library. She couldn’t remember the title. She thought it took place in medieval Europe and a fifteen year old girl with very curly hair is taken from her family’s castle and accused of witchcraft. Somehow the accusation was related to her eating something taboo on a regular basis. It’s possible she laughs when they come to get her. The girl is imprisoned for years and is raped multiple times by the jailer and becomes pregnant. Her daughter looks just like her. Eventually she and her daughter are released from prison and it has been so long that the woman has trouble with seeing in sunlight. Her jaw is also deformed or broken or locked or something for an unknown reason. She returns to her family home and an artist finds her there and becomes obsessed with her and paints her for the rest of his life. The daughter becomes wealthy because she is savvy. The jailer dies and his casket is taken away in a horse-drawn carriage. I have no definite names of characters or places. No well-known actors according to my patron. My patron also thought that “haunting” or “ghost” might be in the title though I have had no luck with those. She thought she watched the movie in 2011 but that it came out around 2000. 

In my experience, patrons can confuse and combine multiple books or films so don’t think that it has to hit all of these points or it is not the right movie. Does this sound familiar, even vaguely, to anyone?

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  1. Thank you so much! That was fast and I am really impressed. I called my patron this morning and she looked it up and recognized the cover. I’ll come back the next time I have another mystery!

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