girl holds man hostage

Movie from the 60s or 70s. A girl holds a travelling salesman by breaking his leg and ties him to a bed in the middle of a field and drives his car around him.I think she has killed her family and is alone and the travelling salesman tries to help her as she is youngish but when he tries to leave she hurts his leg.As far as i can remember it is an American film in colour set in the country[deep South?] I saw it when i was very young and just remember bits .Hope someonr can help,been bugging me for about 30 years.

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    1. Fantastic thank you GG. SOLVED! I remember it was a desert now and when i saw Misery years later it reminded me of this film and had been thinking of it ever since not knowing its name. Just watched on you tube. Well done cheers.

  1. You are quite welcome, Frank. Thanks for confirming the solve.

    There is a Japanese DVD release of this curious film. I keep hoping that a domestic distributor will follow suit.

    1. While I was watching the movie, the actress looked very familiar. When i looked her up [ Bonnie Bedelia ] I realised she played Bruce Willis’s characters wife in Die Hard and although she has been in many films over many years I guess that”s what stuck in my head. Your”e good GG keep it up!

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