Girl found in a hole/cistern

I remember one scene from a movie I saw on TV when I was very young (this would have been early 80’s).  I’m not sure if it was in black and white or color, but people are looking for a girl.  There could’ve been a mystery involved such as solving the disappearance of a girl from the past by modern day detectives or something.  Anyhow, what I remember is someone walking in a dark tunnel or cave (maybe beneath a house?) and almost falling in a large hole only to discover the remains of the missing girl down there.  It haunted me…fo’ reals.

2 thoughts on “Girl found in a hole/cistern

  1. I think we may be looking for the same movie! The little girl has been missing since the days of pirates or cowboys I think old time western bandits. She was hiding in a cave or mine and fell down a shaft. I thought that there was another little girl in “present day” (70’s or 80’s) who was either dreaming of or thought she was the lost girl. I may have imagined the whole thing, but the memory of this show or movie is from 30+ years ago. If you think we are looking for the same thing let me know maybe we can figure it out together.

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