Girl and her evil self movie

I saw this movie when i was little on (probably cable) tv in the early 2000’s (not later than 2008 probably) and still remember it because it shook me… what i remember was this blonde girl somehow had like an evil version of herself taking over her life and her real self couldn’t communicate with anyone to tell them she was ‘trapped’.. one part she tried to show her friends or something that she was there by covering her hands with paint and leaving her prints on a canvas or wall or something… another part i remember vaguely was a creepy looking guy who had a cane and they were all standing by this body of water and then she fell or got pushed in the water and was watching them stare at her and walk away while she was almost drowning.. i remember the last shot of the movie was the girl waking up in what seemed to be a mental hospital or something and then she gets out of her bed and looks out the window of her door and realises shes locked in there for being crazy and she screams then the movie cuts.

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