Ghostly Movie

Around 2006 – early 2007 I watched a movie with my mom. I remember that it was a man and his wife they were living in a home and he was being haunted by a girl. The girl would show him tho vs about how she died and basically she wanted him to help her but she obviously didn’t say that so she freaked him out and she was haunting him. Towards the end the husband found out that she was raped by two or three boys in that house. They killed her and wrapped her body up and put her in the wall and using the clues the ghost girl was giving him he found her body and he helped her have a proper burial. Him and his wife moved out of the house and when he looked up he could see a whole bunch of other ghost that needed his help. The end.  It was in color. It was an English movie. It was an actually movie NOT and episode. Hope someone could find it!!! Thanks.

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