Ghost story from 70s or 80s

I remember a couple of scenes from a creepy movie or TV show as a kid in the 80s but have no idea what it was. A woman is alone in a house but she feels like there is a presence – I think perhaps it could be that of her deceased husband or something. The house is on the coast I think and there is a scene where she is outside looking out to the ocean. I think there was also a night time scene of her at the bathroom mirror (just going about her normal activities). She seems lonely. I dont think it was a full-on horror movie with ghouls etc, I don’t recall even actually seeing the ghost. It was more of a sad/creepy/wistful vibe. It’s not Lady In White, The Haunting of Sarah Hardy, Images, The Haunting passion, or the Entity BTW. Can anyone help?? 🙂

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