Ghost mystery movie

I believe this movie was made in the 90’s. I saw it on tv. It was in English and in color. A couple moves into an old I want to say Victorian house and shortly after I think the wife starts to see flashbacks or sees a ghost. So the wife goes around town trying to find information on the house and when it was first built. Near the ending a male ghost who is probably in his 40’s and of the Victorian era reveals himself to the woman and believes she is his wife and brings her into the vision but then the real wife appears and takes over and they dance and the house starts burning so the real woman gets out with her husband while they stand in the front yard watching the house burn down.

I believe the real couple has a dog. They also keep seeing this black or white I think wolf throughout the movie that I believe was the ghost man’s dog back when he was alive.

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  1. Man, i really wanna know the name of this movie, I saw it when I was younger and have been looking for it ever since.

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