Ghost comedy

I’m looking fora ghost comedy that i saw on TV. It was a movie and not TV series.I ‘m not very sure though about the year…For sure either it was the 80’s or 90’s.

The story as far as i remember was going like this: A couple i think newlywed, bought a house and as they were removing the wallpapers they found written on the wall a woman’s name(i dont remember the name).After a while this ghost of a woman appeared to the husband and told him her whole story.She used to live there a long time ago and she was a singer-actress.She wanted to become famous but she didnt have the time because she died(i dont remember how).Afer that she goes inside his wife’s body because in this way she could live again and also continue her career.But having sex with his wife he understood that this was not his wife! After that shock he was trying to make her leave the boby of his wife and accept her death but it was not easy at all.

That’s as far as i remember.Thank you!

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