Gay Asian Film with Bathtub Scene

I remember very little about the movie but I’m sure I will have no trouble recognising it if someone can find out what movie this is.
There are two main things I remember:
  1. There is a scene in the movie where the two young asian lads are in the bathroom. One is in the bathtub. The other one slipping and falling causes some kind of sci-fi phenomenon to occur that moves the plot along (time travel? alternate worlds? that kind of thing, I think- or maybe not as drastic as those). The film isn’t very sci-fi-esque but I do believe it had some kind of magic/sci-fi aspects mostly somehow to do with that bathtub scene where one of the lads slips. I do believe we see that scene somehow more than once- I think twice, (which is why I’m thinking it might be time travel).
  2. (I hope I’m not confusing this second one with another film…) The movie opens with voice over narration from one of the two main characters- I think with just a pictures of a sofa against a wall (? not confident about this one- but definitely we’re not just looking at a blank screen while the opening narration is being heard).
If I think of more details I will post them, otherwise that’s all I can remember for now.
And to reiterate I do believe this film is a gay-themed (romance?) Asian (asian characters, asian language) film probably from 2007-2014?

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