gangster/prostitution movie

I saw the movie like 10 years ago. In the inner city there are these gangsters that befriend runaway girls then drug them and use them as prostitutes. The main character is one of the kidnappers and has a crush on one of the hookers although the hooker is jaded and dislikes him. His boss suspects him of stealing the money from some other heist they pulled and somehow he gets in trouble and he has to be a gay prostitute but he’s bad at it. The movie is very disturbing, there is a brutal, sadistic russian gangster in it who enjoys committing heinous acts of violence and it turns out he got his dick cut off at some point and has to pee through a tube. Two police officers see him doing this and he shoots them. At the end of the movie the main character is killed although we find out that he really did have the money hidden somewhere and he gives it to the hooker who doesn’t like him so she can start her life over.

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