Gangster movie

As we all know, Robert De Niro is famous for playing the role of Italian mafia gangsters in so many movies.

I’m just looking for a particular live-action movie with Robert De Niro as a gangster featuring a scene that involves rules in a “dangerous” world.

Please, as soon as you’ve figured out the name of that movie, I’d like to know at which time interval it takes place, which means that after the name has been figured out, I’d like to see within the reply at which time interval it takes place like for example:
1:30:00 of the movie or 1:45:30……………

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    1. If you know the answer, tell me.

      If not, thanks for trying but please no rudeness and impoliteness. Nobody’s insulting anybody.

      1. Although it is rather insulting to insist people work for you for free, Olivier, and requests like the one above or:

        All I want are just the names of the Emperor’s New School episodes […], that’s all. It’s quite simple, really. Nothing less, nothing more. Take your time but please don’t leave me hanging for long this time. Plus, please be careful and make sure you don’t miss any titles of episodes either.

        … sound very demanding and, frankly, patronizing.

        This site connects people looking for the name of a movie with volunteers who enjoy using their extensive movie knowledge to help those people. No one is getting paid.

        Imagine being at a social gathering and asking someone you’re talking to if they recognize a movie you remember. You’re not going to ask this person what precise time interval a certain scene takes place, are you? It would be very presumptuous to expect them to stop enjoying the party or to spend their time after the party to watch a movie for you and note specific details. This site is like an extended social gathering.

        1. I’m sorry you see it that way. Nevertheless, to clear up the misunderstanding, I assure you, it’s not my intention. I admit that somehow I ask too much but I guess this is what happens when someone has very little experience communicating with people outside home due to COVID-19 and low-dgree of autism. Plus, sometimes when people make others wait, it becomes frustrating in the end.

          Plus, unlike most people, I’ve been punished since 2010 with no TV privileges especially cartoons by parents for something. In fact, they are unaware of my involvement on this site.

          That is why I do the best I can to stay polite by using words like “please” and “take your time” and I wait and take my time and remain patient and not insist further or lose my temper and use profanity.

          Anyway, if anyone can help, please do and thank you.

          If not, thank you either way for trying.

          1. Thank you for sharing that, Olivier. I understand it can be difficult for autistic people to pick up on social nuances. I wish you luck with your questions and I hope your home life improves.

  1. One of the issues with these time interval requests is that, even if people were sufficiently motivated to help you with your contributions to another website, movies on disc and legacy formats run at slightly different speeds depending on where you live – movies running on PAL equipment (eg in Europe, Australia) run 4% faster than those in NTSC regions (US, Canada, Japan etc), due to an effect known as PAL speedup (which relates to the refresh rate of the different standards. This is why the running time of a movie on a European disc (or broadcast on certain streaming services, like Now TV/Sky) will be listed as shorter than on a US one, the longer the movie, the greater the difference. Therefore the timecodes will also differ, the difference becoming more pronounced the later in the movie the scene occurs. This shouldn’t be an issue in the 1080p and 4K era, but often still is, depending on the source.

    Ultimately, it means you will never have a comprehensive and definitive answer to these questions. One person’s Avengers: Endgame, say, could be almost ten minutes longer than another’s.

    1. You make a competitive point.

      Oh, well. The important thing is that they tried their best. Either way, I wish them good luck. I can wait while focusing on something else to get my mind off of things.

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