Futuristic movie with parasites, a decapitated man, and possibly a man shoved into an oven.

Hello, everyone! I saw this movie on TV when I was around 7 or 8 years old, so the late 90s. Movie itself was in color and looked like a 90s or 80s film, possibly 70s but that might be a stretch. I admit it might have been multiple movies because I remember I also saw The Mangler that night (that one was much easier for me to find years later and I can definitely differentiate the Mangler scenes from the others I remember).

There’s not too much I remember but there were three scenes in particular that stuck with me:

1) A girl with long dirty-blonde hair in denim overalls was shot in the stomach by a man. I put it in my head that the gun shot out a parasite (or multiple parasites) into her and they ate through her and came out her back (and I think the parasites were rather big and vaguely tadpole looking with little faces and sharp teeth) but it’s also possible that she was shot by a regular bullet and the parasites were already inside her and then came out the hole in her back. I don’t remember exactly what the gun itself looked like but it was able to shoot a fairly big hole through her. I’m gonna say baseball-sized.

2) A man, possibly the hero, was decapitated but kept on trucking. He may have been an android? I’m not sure what his deal was. I recall him rescuing a girl after he lost his head and swinging with her on a rope or something like that across a room. I think one of the bad guys was really angry with him for still being alive. He and the bad guy both had guns and I think they were futuristic in style. The guns possibly shot lasers rather than bullets, not sure.

3) This scene I’m super iffy about because it might have been a nightmare caused by this movie night (dear seven year old me, why did you make such bad choices??) but a man was accosted by a crowd, possibly dismembered, and shoved in a oven where he roasted to death. Main reason why I’m doubtful that this was a real movie scene was because I recall it looking like a kitchen oven on the edge of this metal area at sunset (the setting could have been a spaceship or a balcony made of metal). I’m still including this on the off chance it’s actually real.

Sooo if any of this rings a bell for anyone that would be great because I’ve been trying to find out what movie (or movies) this is for ages! I’m sorry I don’t have any other details or any way to connect these three scenes besides all three of them having a futuristic feel.


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  1. Hello! Sorry for the late reply, life got busy and I wasn’t able to sit down and watch the movie till now. I think you definitely got one of the movies I saw that night! The girl getting shot and the decapitated man didn’t show up in this one but these were definitely the parasites I remembered. Also the guns shot lasers like I remembered and a bunch of scenes were definitely familiar (especially the parasite bursting from the man’s stomach at the end). So that’s one down, then, haha. Thanks! Hopefully I can figure out what the other movie I saw that night was.

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